Vegan Sneakers

As sustainable consumption becomes more prevalent, attention is turning to how we dress — from top to bottom — with vegan sneakers being a must-have addition to any footwear collection.

On the face of it, creating a range of high quality, chic sneakers made from vegan leather alternatives might sound simple, but there is far more to be considered than just the uppers. Where it is easy to fall short is in the use of animal-based glues and that’s to say nothing of the environmental ramifications of selecting materials that have questionable eco credentials. Investing in a pair of shoes that will look incredible, function as you want them to, last well and tread lightly on the earth too doesn’t sound like an easy task, but production transparency takes all the guesswork out of the equation. 

Vegan sneaker brands such should be keen to highlight not only the animal-free materials that their ranges comprise of but also key sustainability considerations too. Though one does not always allude to the other, there is a natural relationship between veganism and environmentalism and the fashion industry has a responsibility to connect the dots, wherever possible. Hence, sustainable vegan sneakers such as ours will often include organic cotton, recycled rubber and other recycled materials.

Why do we place such importance on sustainable production at Humans Are Vain? Because by negating the need for virgin fibres and utilising innovative alternatives, plastic waste can be significantly reduced and production methodologies less impactful on the environment as well. Sustainable fashion is far more than a business trend, it is a viable model for ethical manufacturing for every brand, moving forward. In the meantime however, vegan shoe manufacturers, ourselves included, are leading the way with the adoption of new cruelty-free materials that cushion the wearer and highlight the complacency of less progressive fashion brands. Some of our more specialist materials include:

  • Recycled PET
  • Pinatex (made using pineapple leaves)
  • Recycled corn fiber

In a bid to highlight the construction, ethical credentials and sustainability initiatives underpinning our vegan sneakers, we have made the deliberate decision to keep the styling classic and understated. Timeless elegance whispers, it doesn’t shout and large-scale change happens when companies create with tangible beliefs in place. The Humans Are Vain sneaker collection is a testament to our deep-seated commitment to doing better, contributing to a circular economy and meeting demand for designer goods that contribute to something positive.  

High quality doesn’t have to come with an extortionate cost to the environment.

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