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Eden V3 Sustainable Sneaker – White/Black/Gum

190.95 $

In collaboration with CleanSea 200g of plastic trash will be removed from the ocean with this purchase (that’s the equivalent of 20 plastic bottles)

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Allow us to present our renowned vegan-sustainable sneaker, the Eden V3, now in its third generation. This iconic sneaker has been meticulously refined to offer unparalleled comfort and durability, all while embracing some of the most cutting-edge sustainable materials available. Crafted with a circular mindset, this sneaker embodies the essence of Swedish design ingenuity and is proudly ethically produced in Portugal.

Full specification

  • The main upper part is made from a vegan eco-microfiber which is lightweight, antibacterial, eco-friendly and highly resistant.  This high quality material carries the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class 1 seal which certifies that the material has passed the most stringent controls and can be declared eco-friendly and free of agents harmful to health and the environment
  • Eco-microfiber lining and in-sock made from recycled PET and natural corn fiber. This material is highly breathable, durable, absorbent, fast drying and carries the Oeko-Tex standard 100 class and Global Recycling Standard certification
  • Sole made from recycled rubber (70% recycled rubber content)
  • Highly comfortable insole padding made from a high density recycled cork and foam
  • Laces made from 100% organic cotton
  • Upper paddings made from natural latex
  • Toe puff and counter stiffener made from recycled material (80% recycled content)
  • Insole board made from recycled material
  • 100% made with water based glue
  • Weighs 400 grams per shoe on size 41
  • Responsibly made in Guimaraes Portugal
  • Designed in Sweden
  • 100% circular product which can be recycled at end of life using our recycling system
  • 100% Vegan

Fitting notes

The fit of this style is true to size but we always recommend double checking your size using the following guidelines.

You can check your closest size by doing the following:

  1. Grab a sheet of paper and place it against a wall so the edge of the paper is touching the wall.
  2. Now stand on the paper with your heel lightly touching the wall.
  3. Mark on the paper where your big toe ends.
  4. Measure the distance from the back edge of the paper to the mark on the paper and that will give you your foot length.

Now compare your foot length to the chart below which shows the inside length of our shoes. We recommend that the shoe length/size should be 6-10mm longer than your foot length. If you are between sizes always size up.

Please contact info@humansarevain.com if you need anymore help.

  • Size 37 = 246mm
  • Size 38 = 253mm
  • Size 39 = 259mm
  • Size 40 = 265mm
  • Size 41 = 271mm
  • Size 42 = 277mm
  • Size 43 = 283mm
  • Size 44 = 290mm
  • Size 45 = 296mm
  • Size 46 = 302mm

The above measurements show the internal length of the shoe and your foot should be 6-10mm shorter than this.