Humans Are Vain scoops two Global Vegan Awards

The Global Vegan Awards, hosted by LUXlife, have announced the 2021 winners and Humans Are Vain is delighted to announce victory in two categories.

It’s an honour to be recognised by the LUXlife judging panel and we’d like to extend our congratulations to everybody else that was in the running for Best Vegan Footwear Brand 2021 – Scandinavia and Vegan Sneaker of the Year 2021 (Europe).

About the Global Vegan Awards
Founded as an opportunity to offer a celebratory platform for those companies and individuals who are making the biggest differences in the world, through vegan-friendly innovations, the Global Vegan Awards are a prestigious event. LUXlife has become synonymous with presenting well-researched and objective awards, across a wide spectrum of interest areas, so for vegan businesses to be extended our own recognition is demonstrative of the drastic consumer shifts starting to happen.

Nominees are judged purely on merit, with enterprise size and reach being considered moot. Awards are given for excellence, positive impact and dedication to sustainable innovation only, which is why it is such an honour to receive not just one, but two.

What we won
The first award we have won is Best Vegan Footwear Brand 2021 – Scandinavia. Given the amount of progress being made in terms of ethical footwear design, animal leather alternatives use and cultural enlightenment in Scandinavia, this feels like a significant accolade. Hopefully our wide range of footwear, ranging from sneakers to Chelsea boots and shoes has shown that versatility and longevity are no longer questionable elements when it comes to animal-free footwear choices.

The second award is Vegan Sneaker of the Year 2021 (Europe), which was awarded to our flagship Challenge V2 Sustainable Sneaker. This feels like serious validation for all of the hard work that went into not only the design and manufacture of the Challenge V2, but also the transparency with which we talk about the materials used and the impact each pair has on the planet.

Preventing more than 12 plastic bottles and 730g of waste from ending up in landfill, they are made using Italian apple leather, recycled rubber and organic cotton, amongst other sustainable materials. Only water-based glues have been used, to stay true to our vegan roots and they are manufactured ethically in Portugal. A lot of time, research and consideration went into this design and it’s great to know that it is recognised as a stylish but still sustainable alternative to traditional footwear.

The impact of awards
Of course, Humans Are Vain is very grateful for all award nominations, let alone actually winning some, but that’s not why we design. Awards are a wonderful offshoot of creating a range of ethical fashion alternatives that can help interested consumers to make an informed switch to a more circular fashion economy. We want you to love your clothes for longer, safe in the knowledge that their construction caused no harm to any other living beings, everything else is simply a bonus. Albeit shiny crystal bonuses that look beautiful in our offices.

Again, a huge thank you to LUXlife for giving us this opportunity and well done to all of our fellow nominees.