'Recycle Projekt' is our circular economy system to ensure our Footwear and Clothing never have to see a landfill and your un-wanted HAV items can be tranformed into new products. To collaborate with us on this project all you have to do is send your end of life items to the address shown below and complete the form in the link below. We will then send you a 25% discount code which you will be able to use on our wesbite.

We are also collaborating with our partner stores to create drop off points within their shops so you can simply hand them in and we will collect them for you. A list of stores involved in this project will be confirmed shortly.


What happens next?

Thanks to the way we have engineered our footwear we will grind down the whole shoe which will then be turned into a new sole for future production. You will see footwear with soles made from recycled shoes launching in the near future.

Your returned HAV clothes will be shredded down and used in our new 3D printing project where the clothing waste is turned into a new filament that will be used to 3D print sandals and eventually sneakers. This is a ground beaking project that we are currently pioneering and we will be launching 3D printed footwear in the near future.

HAV Recycle Projekt Return Address

Rua 1º de Maio,1386
4650-302 Pedreira-Felgueiras
Tel - +351 255098166
Email - info@humansarevain.com

Terms of use:
No refunds on the purchase price
It is the customers responsibility to arrange delivery
Discount codes limited to one per person
Form must be fully complete or we won’t be able to generate a discount code
Please allow 5 working days from us receiving your products to send the discount code