What makes our products sustainable - We only use recycled materials or components and where we need to use virgin materials we ensure they’ve been made to conform to the highest ecological regulations therefore allowing us to call them eco-materials.   All our products have been engineered in a way to ensure they can be recycled again, even our footwear can be ground down and turned into a new sole for future production.

What is our carbon footprint - Since the beginning we have factored our carbon footprint into every decision and this is a subject we take very seriously.   We have our own quality control team living near our factories who monitor everything from sampling to production reducing the need for us to fly team members to the factory every month.   We not only selected Portugal for our manufacturing because of their excellent craftsmanship but also because of the proximity to Europe which means we can transport our stock by road avoiding long and toxic shipping methods normally associated with Asia or South America.

Are our products 100% Vegan - We have made sure that all our materials and components are vegan friendly and we only use water based glues for production meaning the whole product can be classed as 100% vegan and not just the materials.   We also carry the Peta Approved Vegan logo to highlight our Vegan credentials.

How are we looking to a more sustainable future - Forward thinking and pioneering new sustainable projects is at the core of our business model.   Our aim is to become a carbon-neutral brand through new sustainable production methods which we will be introducing into our collection from 2020.   We are currently working with various innovation hubs and environmental organisations to create next generation materials and production methods that will truly revolutionise the industry.

How do we support environmental organisations -  We are currently collaborating with several organisations including one that removes plastic waste from the ocean on the West Coast of Sweden and will be posting more information about this shortly.

Do we really use plastic ocean trash in our products - We collaborate with The SEAQUAL Initiative who collect plastic trash from the ocean which is then turned into a spacial polyester material that we use in our footwear and accessories.   You can see exactly how much plastic ocean trash is used in each product within the shop page on our web-shop.

What types of factories do we work with - We take ethical manufacturing and quality very seriously which is why we produce everything in Portugal in carefully selected factories that we monitor on a daily basis.

How are we a Circular Economy brand - All our products have been designed and engineered in a way that enables us to recycle them again, even our footwear can be recycled and tuned into new soles.   You can find more information about this in our Recycled Projekt page.

What is our fair pricing policy - We believe in offering a fair price for our products and allowing the customer time to make a conscious and informed decision about their purchase.   We will therefore not be overstocking or inflating our prices for the benefit of sales and promotions.   The fast fashion overstock, inflate and markdown strategy is one of the things we are rebelling most against in the industry.