Can non Vegan brands really produce 100% Vegan products

With many non Vegan brands now releasing Vegan versions of their main range products is it really safe to assume that those products can genuinely be 100% Vegan?

This is a question that’s being raised countless times across social media as we speak so it’s important that customers understand all the facts about Vegan production within the fashion industry.    In short ‘yes’ a non Vegan brand can indeed produce Vegan products as long as they have strict procedures in place to separate their 100% Vegan materials and components from the conventional ones and that they produce either on a dedicated Vegan production line or ensure the regular production line is refurbished ready for 100% Vegan production.

The reason why materials and components are so important to Vegan production is because if we look at footwear for example there can be over 20 different materials and components in a shoe and all of those need to be verified as 100% vegan.    Within the stock room those materials need to be kept separate from the regular materials so no cross contamination is possible.   On the production line adhesives are used throughout the assembly process and normally those conventional adhesives will contain collagen (from animal hides, bones and fish) so not only does that adhesive need to be replaced with a 100% Vegan adhesive but also the machines need to be cleaned and made free from non Vegan adhesives.


So to summarise as long as non Vegan brands follow strict internal procedures and are well organised then there’s no reason why they can’t produce 100% Vegan products and customers should feel free to question such brands to explain their Vegan production credentials.   If customers are not willing to risk the chance of their products containing animal traces then they should look to purchase from dedicated Vegan brands who will have built their whole business model and procedures around being 100% vegan.