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Swedish Conscious Fashion

Humans Are Vain is a Premium Swedish brand that fuses the latest vegan sustainable materials and innovative methods with timeless contemporary design.  Our sustainable and recycled materials are what defines us and products made from such materials as Pineapple leaves and recycled plastic ocean trash can be found throughout our collection.  We’ve carefully developed our materials and designed the products in a way to ensure we can operate a circular economy, therefore, all our products can be fully recycled at the end of their life   Even our footwear can be turned into new soles and you can find more information about how our circular economy works in our Recycle Projekt Page.

Challenge V2 Sneaker


Our manufacturing takes place in Portugal and Sweden in carefully selected ethical factories which we monitor with our own quality control team based near the factories.  We ensure that all our products can be certified 100% vegan which means every component and material is checked and certified.   We have also been approved by Peta and you will see the Peta Approved Vegan logo next to our products.


Our vision is to create the most sustainable production methods possible and currently, we're pioneering new developments in vegan sustainable materials and production methods with several projects currently running including our groundbreaking research in collaboration with Stockholm University to 3D print footwear and accessories from old discarded clothes and textile waste.   We will post updates about this development shortly and we hope to have a market-ready 3D printed product by 2023. 


Humans Are Vain is a brand born out of a desire to rebel against the fast fashion industry. Our co-founder Chris Margetts was once part of the fast-fashion cog in London until he became so frustrated by the direction the industry had taken that he decided to take his twenty years of experience, move to Sweden and started a brand doing things the way he believed they should be done and so in November 2019 Humans Are Vain was born.    Since then our brand has grown quickly and now our vegan sustainable products can be found in stores all over the world.

Our Mission

1. Create 100% vegan and sustainable products that are kind to the planet

2. Remove as much plastic trash from the oceans as possible through materials used in our products

3. Design contemporary timeless pieces utilising the latest sustainable and recycled materials

4. Support organizations and charities that help the planet, animals and the ocean

5. Develop the next generation of sustainable materials and production methods

6. Operate a circular economy

7. Consider our carbon footprint on every action we take

8. Keep our prices as fair as possible

9. Only work with ethical factories based in Europe

10. Engineer our materials and products for maximum quality and comfort

11. Always be transparent and honest

12. Provide people with a better alternative